What is Leaky Gut?

What is Leaky Gut?

In ancient medicine, it was believed that certain diseases originated in the stomach. Over time, this concept was rejected due to research, however recently leaky gut syndrome has become more popular. The leaky gut syndrome is also called increased intestinal permeability,

Causes of Leaky Gut

It is caused when the gut lining has holes allowing food, toxins, and bugs to penetrate tissue underneath it. This could lead to inflammation and an imbalance in the gut flora, which in turn could cause digestion issues among other things. Everyone has leaky gut to some extent as the gut lining is not impassable. Some people have a genetic predisposition that makes them more sensitive to digestive changes, but it is becoming more evident that the leading culprit is the lifestyle many people follow. The standard American diet is high in saturated fats and sugar, and low in fiber, which is a contributor to the leaky gut syndrome. Chronic stress and excessive use of alcohol also disrupt gut flora.Leaky Gut

Symptoms of leaky gut

Studies have found that leaky gut could be responsible for diseases like Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. Although mainstream medicine has not accepted leaky gut, alternative medicine practitioners have. The first thing they may advice is following an anti-inflammatory diet. They may also recommend reducing intake of alcohol, processed foods, and foods that may cause allergies. So, even though mainstream medicine hasn’t accepted the idea that leaky gut leads to diseases outside of the gastrointestinal tract, eating an anti-inflammatory diet and reducing the intake of processed foods is never a bad idea. Order your own discount blood lab tests online at HealthOneLabs.com