HealthOne Labs started offering affordable and convenient self-order lab testing in person and by mail since 1980.

By 2007, we made lab test ordering available 24/7 via our website. We offer affordable lab testing and have provided over a million lab test results to thousands of happy customers. Just because you order on the internet, our services are not impersonal. We want you to feel secure ordering from us and will answer your questions quickly, professionally and with confidentiality. We have technical staff, medical staff and lab specialists that have the experience through every part of the process when you order from HealthOne Labs.

Our goal is to make your ordering experience easy – from choosing a location to buying the most economical lab tests. Using our services allows you to purchase inexpensive laboratory testing and you will appreciate that we offer HIPAA compliant communications, use trusted CLIA certified labs at very affordable prices.

We understand our customer’s challenges: many don’t have insurance or have high deductibles, don’t have a physician that will order the tests you want or just want to monitor your health to see if lifestyle changes or chronic health issues need to be addressed. We offer an easy and convenient solution for you because you can order your own lab tests 24/7.

We also know it’s important to get your results back quickly. We update the status of your results as soon as we receive them from the lab; typically, the next day but some specialty tests may take longer. We even have access to preliminary results in case you ordered a panel of tests where one test can take longer. We can share these with you upon request. We can even fax results to your physician!

Trust is paramount and our company is a trusted partner with over 12 Federal government organizations, 16 Fortune 500 and over half a million individuals. Your data and health information is secure with us but more importantly, you get your health metrics so you can decide who to share it with and if you need to take action.

Lastly, we have Gold Standard customer service: many of our staff have been with HealthOne Labs for decades and can quickly and effectively answer any of your questions via email.