How do I order my own lab tests?

Select your lab test, lab location, set-up a password and pay for the test on our website: You do not need a doctor’s prescription; our licensed physician will write your order. You will receive an email from us indicating your lab form is ready to download. You will print the form and take it with you to the lab.

At the lab, you will present the Lab Form to the receptionist. You will not need to pay any additional fees. A technician will draw the appropriate blood specimen for the tests you have ordered. If you have ordered a urine test, the technician will provide you with a collection cup & top and direct you to a private lavatory.
HealthOne Labs receives your lab results from the Lab electronically (turnaround time varies and is provided on ordering page for each test we offer). We upload your lab results to your secure account, and then send you an email so you know they are complete.

How do I determine the status of my order?

Lab Form being Prepared: order received but lab form not ready.

Lab Form Ready: lab form ready for you to download. Results not ready.

Lab Results Posted: results uploaded and order is complete.

Why didn't I get an email that my lab form is ready?

Check your junk or spam mailbox in case our email did not go to your inbox.

Alternatively, login to our website to get your lab form and/or results.

How do I make an appointment at the lab?

You can use this link to make an appointment, get directions, and determine hours of operation:

  1. Click Schedule Appointment
  2. Select All Other Tests for the reason for your visit
  3. Enter zip code of location
  4. Follow prompts to schedule an appointment
What Laboratory will do my testing?

Quest Diagnostics

Will I be able to read my laboratory results?

The laboratory provides the “Reference Interval” for each test that is reported on your results. The Reference Interval is the normal result. If any of your results are outside of the Reference Interval, the results will also be flagged to help draw your attention to this result. Any abnormal results should be followed-up with a personal physician consult. There are sample results on most of our ordering pages.

Will my insurance reimburse me for the cost if I order my own online lab tests?

Your health insurance provider will not reimburse you for tests you order with us. Health insurers require a diagnostic code associated with your lab testing, and we cannot legally provide you that because we are not your treating health care provider. We also cannot provide you with CPT codes and itemized pricing, which are also requirements for insurance reimbursement.

If more information is needed about my lab test results, whom should I consult?

You should consult your personal physician for details on the findings of any online lab tests or blood tests.

How do I determine what online lab test(s) to order?

Please review each test profile on this website for details, review or consult your physician.

If I order multiple blood tests, will I need to have more than one needle stick?

No, just one needle stick. It is common to order multiple lab tests off of one blood draw.

My HSA Administrator needs a receipt? Can I obtain one?

Login to your account at and go to your Orders and print the details.

Why are your services not available in NY, NJ and RI?

State laws prohibit us from selling our services to anyone that uses an address in those states.

What is the minimum age to get online blood testing services?

The minimum age is 18 years old.

Are there any additional charges after I place my order?

No. Our prices are all inclusive and not other fees will be collected when you get your blood drawn.

Is there anything that I need to do before visiting a test center?

The test description specifies if you have to fast or avoid certain foods before your blood draw.

When will my lab results be available?

Your lab results are typically available the day after your blood draw. Some tests take longer and the test description specifies the typical time it takes to receive the results.