What is a Creatinine Kinase Blood Test?

Creatinine Kinase, often referred to as CK or CPK, is a type of protein required by the muscle cells in your body in order to function. The amount of CK in your body may rise after intense exercise, a heart attack, consumption of alcohol, muscle injury, and even after taking certain supplements and medicines. Blood test results of high CK levels could mean you have muscle or heart damage depending upon a physical exam and discussion of your symptoms. Your physician may recommend you get this blood test if you experience chest pains and/or weakness and wants to check if you’ve had a heart attack in the past. You may also have to get this test done if you’ve had a sports related injury or a stroke recently. It is important to keep in mind that levels of CK may not peak for up to 2 days after some injuries, so you could have to get tested more than once to see if your heart or other muscles have been harmed. You should try to avoid exercise prior to having your blood drawn for this test and stay hydrated since it makes it easier to locate a vein. Results for the CK vary depending on your age, gender, race, health history, and other factors, so be sure to ask your physician to review your results with you. At this time, Creatinine Kinase is offered at https://www.healthonelabs.com for $39.95. Take Control of your Health!