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Adrenal Stress Profile – Sale Price $155.99

Chronic stress, whether it is emotional or physical, can lead to an imbalance of adrenal hormone levels which have been related to various health issues such as infertility and anxiety. An Adrenal stress profile saliva test determines the bioavailability of the adrenal hormones: Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate (DHEA-S) and Diurnal Cortisol. Saliva testing is ideal for testing that requires multiple collections, such as the Diurnal Cortisol. An imbalance of these hormones will show symptoms like fatigue, immune dysfunction, sleep disorders, and allergies. If you identify as someone who is under constant stress, you may consider getting an adrenal stress profile saliva test.adrenal stress

Weight Management Profile – Sale Price $315.99

The Weight Management Profile is helpful for those that are having a hard time with weight management, even with healthy eating and exercise.This profile determines the hormonal imbalances that promote obesity, sudden weight gain, and/or maintaining a healthy weight. It also serves as an early indicator of insulin resistance, risk of diabetes, and metabolic syndrome This test allows physicians to pinpoint imbalances of hormones that contribute to weight management issues, thus facilitating a solution. The weight management profile includes a saliva test and a blood spot test that will report results for E2, Pg, DS, Cx4, TSH, Vitamin D2/D3, Insulin, and Hemoglobin A1C. Women with PCOS, central obesity, premenstrual weight gain/fluid retention, inability to lose/tendency to regain weight, and adrenal/thyroid dysfunction should consider taking this profile. Men that should consider the weight management profile include those with central obesity, andropausal weight gain, inability to lose/ tendency to regain weight,and adrenal/thyroid dysfunction. weight management