High Cholesterol

We sell thousands of laboratory blood tests and it is increasing typical to have results report individuals with high cholesterol. Approximately 100 million Americans have high cholesterol and can be caused by diet, family history and other factors. According to the American Heart Association, Coronary artery disease (CAD) is caused by elevated levels of blood cholesterol and triglycerides (in addition to high blood pressure and smoking).

What Can You Do to Lower Your Cholesterol?

1. Change Your Diet – One of the easiest ways to decrease your cholesterol is to reduce your intake of saturated fat. Most saturated fat is found in animal-based foods such as beef, pork, veal, milk, eggs, butter, and cheese. Additionally, you find plant-based saturated fats in many processed and packaged foods: coconut oil, palm oil, or cocoa butter, stick margarine, vegetable shortening are in many cookies, crackers, chips and other packaged snacks. 2. Lower Your weight – losing a few pounds can decrease your triglycerides and increase the good cholesterol, HDL. Additionally, you will feel and look better without extra pounds. 3. Increase Your Activity Level – Exercise may have some bad connotations with some people so it’s better said to “increase your activity.” This can be easy things such as house cleaning, gardening or playing ball with your kids. When you don’t have a lot of physical activity, you LDL can increase. 4. Quit smoking – Smoking can lower your good cholesterol and has many other negative health effects. 5. Get Tested – Be sure you know what your cholesterol levels are so you can manage it. Know that if you are diabetic or have thyroid issues, you may be at increased risk for high cholesterol and heart disease.

What You Can’t Control But Effects Cholesterol

1. Your age and gender – As you age, your cholesterol levels will naturally rise. 2. Your Family History – Chances are if you know of family members that have high cholesterol, you have a higher probability of having high cholesterol also. Take Control of Your Health!
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