Easy Way to Test for Fecal Occult Blood

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The American Cancer Society writes that approximately 132,700 Americans will develop colon or rectal cancer in a specific year. Many others develop precursors to cancer, namely polyps. As polyps and cancers grow over time, they tend to present with blood in the feces. Note: fissures, hemorrhoids and other gastrointestinal disorders may also cause bleeding so it is important to discuss any positive results with your physician.

Most people will not notice small amounts of bleeding after a bowel movement. That is why there are easy tests to check for occult or hidden blood in the stool. One of the easiest tests and non-invasive is ColoCare. Current price as of this printing is only $19.99 and available at HealthOneLabs.com

ColoCARE is the leading throw-in-the-bowl fecal occult blood test for detecting pre-symptomatic bleeding caused by gastrointestinal diseases. It is safer, easier and more pleasant to use than traditional guaiac slide tests. Simply place a ColoCARE test pad in the toilet after a bowel movement, watch for a color change, then flush the pad away. It’s clean and disposable, easy for elderly patients to see and interpret, and extremely sensitive, with no increase in the false positive rate. It is more cost-effective than guaiac slide tests because it requires no stool handling, no chemical developers, no laboratory processing, and no mailing of biohazards. Elimination of stool handling overcomes the number one patient objection to occult blood testing, resulting in wider use of the test and leading to greater success in early detection of pathological conditions.

colocare imageThe test pad consists of biodegradable paper chemically treated with a chromogen. The pad is floated on the water surface in the toilet bowl. If detectable blood is present, the hemoglobin reacts with the chromogen, and a blue and/or green color reaction occurs. The test pad has three reaction sites: a large test square and two smaller control squares to verify the system functions properly.

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