Controlling Inflammation levels

Inflammation is the body’s reaction to infections and it occurs to protect your body and keep it healthy. There are two types of inflammation that may happen in your body: acute and chronic. Acute inflammation would be the “good” type of inflammation, as it helps your body heal by sending white blood cells to the troubled area. Acute inflammation also doesn’t last very long because your body typically heals quickly. Chronic inflammation does the opposite of acute inflammation, the white blood cells burn through healthy tissue or organs instead of healing your body. It is important to have your inflammation levels tested by getting a C-reactive protein blood test (CRP). The CRP will be elevated if your body is dealing with inflammation. The CRP test is not diagnostic, but it does provide relevant information to your health provider if inflammation is present. The test results, along with other information from a physical exam can determine if there is acute or chronic inflammation occurring in the body. Diet and exercise are the primary ways to beat inflammation. Try to avoid processed foods which contain high amounts of sugar and fats. Increase your level of activity. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at the gym everyday. Adding activity can be as simple as decreasing the amount of time you spend sitting, increasing walking and other activities throughout the day. The CRP test is offered on our website: You may read more about inflammation in this article.