Can I Order My Own Blood Tests?

Can I order my own blood tests? Yes, with the exception of a few states, consumers can order their own lab tests. This process is sometimes referred to as Direct Access Testing (DAT) and allows consumers to order discount lab tests online. Why would someone order their own blood tests? For some people, they like the convenience of ordering their own lab tests to save time and money. They can order the tests that they want and get their lab tests done at their convenience. Others are ordering their own lab tests because they are making dietary and other health changes and they want to see if their blood values are effected by their new choices. Additionally, there are some people who are on medications that require them to have their blood tested frequently and they can order the tests whenever they need them. Lastly, the prices are affordable and those that don’t have insurance or have high deductibles can take advantage of ordering their own lab tests at a discount. Whatever reason one has, it is a nice option to be able to order your own blood tests when you need them. Will I understand the test results? Many worry if they order their own blood tests that they will not be able to understand what the results really mean. The blood test results are easy to read: they include the individual’s metric and then the reference range. Each test is annotated if any of the results are outside the normal reference values. Ordering and receiving your own lab tests are not the same as getting medical advice. It is always recommended that an individual review and initiate a discussion with their health provider to explain those results. See a Typical Lab Test Result for a Comprehensive Health Profile How do you Order Your Own Blood Test?
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Tests Offered to view available tests
  3. Select a test and Add to your Shopping Cart
  4. Open a secure account on our server and use the secure check-out process
  5. You’ll receive the lab requisition form within two hours and take it to a lab location near you.
Results for different tests range in time on when they will become available, check at the bottom of the description to see what the turnaround time is for the test you want to order. You will receive an email that will notify you when these results are available. Take Control of Your Health #DiscountLabTests