Nicotine & Expanded Metabolites (urine)

Nicotine & Expanded Metabolites (urine)


Urine lab test to detect tobacco.

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This assay is used for the detection of nicotine and several metabolites and the related alkaloid anabasine in urine to determine the tobacco exposure status of the individual. Nicotine has a short half-life of approximately sixty minutes; Its presence may indicate recent tobacco exposure. The half-life of the various nicotine metabolites is longer and provides a larger window of detection for tobacco exposure. The presence of anabasine is indicative of tobacco exposure (smoked or smokeless) versus the use of a nicotine replacement patch product. Individuals exposed to passive tobacco smoke (environmental or second-hand) can have detectable concentrations of nicotine and its metabolites depending on the type of exposure. The ranges of concentrations related to passive exposure are not well established but normally are less than those attributed to active tobacco users.

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Preparation: This is not a fasting test.

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