Immunoglobulin IgG

Immunoglobulin IgG


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Immunoglobin IgG
Test Code 543;  CPT Code(s)82784
Methodology: Immunoturbidimetric 

Reference Range(s)

Cord Blood 553-1360 mg/dL
≤1 Month 213-765 mg/dL
2-5 Months 170-595 mg/dL
6-9 Months 187-765 mg/dL
10-12 Months 247-910 mg/dL
1-3 Years 533-1078 mg/dL
4-6 Years 592-1723 mg/dL
7-9 Years 673-1734 mg/dL
10-11 Years 821-1835 mg/dL
12-13 Years 893-1823 mg/dL
14-15 Years 842-2013 mg/dL
≥16 Years 694-1618 mg/dL


Clinical Significance

Increased IgG is associated with acute and chronic inflammations, monoclonal IgG myeloma, autoimmune diseases; decreased IgG is found in selective IgG deficiency, Bruton’s Disease, and acquired immune deficiency.

Alternative Name(s)

Immunoglobulin G

This is a fasting preferred test, meaning you should fast 8 hours unless you are diabetic or pregnant. While fasting, continue to drink plenty of water.

You should expect lab results for this test is 3-4 business days after you blood draw at the Quest lab. All lab testing is subject to delays so please consider this an estimate, not a guarantee.

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