Hepatitis B Blood Test

Hepatitus B Surface Antigen: The test is the earliest indicator of the presence of acute infection. Also, it is indicative of of chronic infection. The test determines the presence of Hepatitis B Surface Antigens in your blood.

The usual incubation period (when you might get a false negative result) of hepatitis B is between 60-90 days (although it can range from 40-160 days). The hepatitis surface antigen (HBsAg) is present in blood in the latter part of the incubation period and in the acute phase of the HBV infection. Its persistence indicates failure to clear the virus. Patients that remain HBsAg positive for more than 6 months are regarded as chronic carriers.

Hepatitis B is spread when body fluids (blood, saliva, semen, vagina fluids) from an infected person enter another person's body through a break in the skin or a mucous membrane. It can be spread by sexual activity.

Estimated time to receive online blood lab test results is 1-2 days.

Preparation: No special preparation is required for you with this blood lab test. As with any blood draw, it is a good practice to drink water in advance so you are well hydrated.

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