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IgM – Increased IgM is associated with Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia, infectious mononucleosis, viral infections, nephrotic syndrome, and estrogen therapy; decreased IgM is found in selective IgM deficiency, Bruton’s Disease, and acquired immune deficiency. 545

This is a non-fasting blood test with an estimated turnaround time of 2 to 3 business days.



Reference Range(s)

Cord Blood 6-25 mg/dL
1-28 days 10-50 mg/dL
1-3 months 10-72 mg/dL
4-6 months 12-86 mg/dL
7-11 months 13-120 mg/dL
1 year 23-130 mg/dL
2 years 25-135 mg/dL
3-5 years 26-150 mg/dL
6-8 years 25-150 mg/dL
9-11 years 40-160 mg/dL
12-16 years 41-170 mg/dL
≥17 years 50-300 mg/dL

Alternative Name(s)

Immunoglobulin M

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